Aerial Photo/Video

    Lentez is on the leading edge in the world of professional business photography. We offer your business the option of aerial photography and videography with our drones or Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA). They are equipped with high definition video cameras whose resolution is the same as our regular high definition video equipment so the two can be combined for a stunning edited video for your website or meetings. Its long range of up to 300m, and up to 400ft elevation is perfect for larger facilities to create close, medium and far images. Until recently, the only way to achieve this type of image was very expensive as it required the use of a full sized helicopter or airplane. Drone photography and drone video is a great way to get what you need at an affordable cost.

    In addition to high definition video, our smaller drone takes 14mp still images from aloft, while our large drone takes stunning 24mp images.

    Our talented, licensed controllers will work with your team to create special videos and photos that will give you the visual edge over your competition. Contact Lentez for a no obligation quote.

    NOTE: it is illegal to hire a non-certified drone operator and/or a non-certified drone controller. Be sure to ask for, and site, these two certifications when considering any aerial drone service provider. Lentez is a CASA licensed and fully insured operator for ground and aerial. Lentez only uses CASA certified controllers flying our drones.

    Here are our Aerial Photography and Videography options:

    Aerial Photography

    Aerial Photography

    Our photographic service includes creating large file size aerial stills taken with our drone, any post production editing, and mastering to your required resolution and dimensions is included in the price.

      HD Aerial Video

      Our HD Video production services includes aerial and ground videography and fully post produced professional video using our drones and/or SONY HD video equipment. Post production includes editing, royalty free music and titles, such as lower thirds. Mastering to the required format is included in the quote price. This is an example of an all aerial web video for one of our clients

      Photographic & HD Video Combined

      When you require both Photographic and HD Video service, Lentez, offers great money for value to our clients, so we would like to offer you a discount for engaging us to create both. This client video incorporates aerial video, still photography and a scripted voice over written by Lentez.

    Per Hour When your project requires a more comprehensive final product, Lentez offers our clients an hourly rate, where the final product is not limited to the number of images or the number of video minutes.

    NOTE: After an initial consultation, we will determine what equipment and final imagery suits your needs and budget. You will receive a written quote by email within 24 hours of your consultation.