Wisemans Ferry Inn – Commercial Case Study


Project details

Lentez was invited to create a series of media components for the historic Wisemans Ferry In, located on the Hawkesbury River, one hour north of Sydney. After a few meetings, we were commissioned to create two marketing videos; a longer video for the website and a shorter video for their social media campaign. Additionally, we created a series of photographic images and a music series for their new museum sound system.

We helped read the scripts for the videos and directed the project.

The management of the Inn was specific about their wants, however they left a lot of the creativity to us. The Inn’s management was more than happy about the outcome of the project and has made recommendations to the rest of the community to contract Lentez for additional components.

The community of Wisemans Ferry agrees and they are currently looking to contract Lentez to create similar media packages for the many of the tourism operators there and for the community itself.



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