Turn Around Music Video – Music Video Case Study

Project details

Turn Around is a fun video for an original song created by Belinda Fielding. It’s a clever little video to help promote tourism in the Upper Blue Mountains, NSW. It features many of the iconic destinations suggesting that “Old is News” to highlight the many historic locations there. It starts off with a history professor lecturing to a dog at Lithgow’s Blast Furnace Ruins. He hears music and takes off to see what it is all about only to find a dance party. Mid way through the song, members of the dance party go back to hear the history lecture as Old is News! Then the band quickly heads over there too. And now the whole mob are doing the Turn Around – Old is News dance. A fun project with a 1980s like dance track.

Thanks to social media and the people of the Upper Blue Mountains, this song has had thousands of views. We enjoyed doing the production too.



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