Reg 101 Ammedment Disallowance – Industry Video Case Study

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Lentez is a member of the Australian Certified UAV Operators (ACUO) and our Chief Pilot is a member of the ACUO Management Team. Recently, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) created an amendment to the current operating conditions to allow anyone off the street to purchase a UAV (drone) up to 2 kilograms and operate it without any training, certification, experience or insurance. This is a very bad move as these little flying machines can be VERY dangerous in the hands of un-trained, inexperienced, un-certified and uninsured individuals.

ACUO as an industry association feels that this amendment to the current CASA regulation 101, is irresponsible, and should be disallowed prior to it being allowed on 29 September 2016!

This video was created by the ACUO President Joe Urli, ACUO Secretary Brad Mason (the first person in the world to get a commercial drone operator’s certificate!) and Scott Goodkin ACUO member. We were assisted by Joe Wheeler, an amazing lawyer at International Aerospace Law & Policy Group, who is working hard to get a majority of the Australian Senate to disallow the proposed amendment to CASA regulation 101.



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