Mountain Pass – Music Video Case Study


Project details

Our business manager, Barbara, was in the Katoomba Target waiting in a cue and overheard a conversation about a music video being shot that week in the Blue Mountains and she couldn’t help herself. She commented on the conversation that her company does aerials and they were immediately interested. After a short conversation, Lentez was selected to to the aerials.

This video is a special edition of Justin Hunter’s music video entitled Mountain Pass. This edit only contains the aerials created by Lentez Aerial Imagery. The music is written and performed by Justin Hunter and the vocals are by Kearna Murray. It’s a surreal experience shot in the Blue Mountains At the Ruined Castle Rock Formation and across the Jamison Valley at the Landslide Lookout in Katoomba. The Drone used by Lentez is the DJI Inspire 1. It is by far among the best aerial imagery we have ever done. The Justin Hunter Mountain Pass music video is also available for viewing on the Lentez Website and at



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