Macka’s Sand & Soil + Macka’s Angus Beef – Industrial Case Study

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Project details

Robert Mackenzie came to us with a dual aerial project for his two enterprises. The first is Macka’s Sand & Soil, and the other is Macka’s Angus Cattle. He was looking for three videos and a series of stills. One short video for the Sand & Soil, one short video for Angus Beef and a combo video of both.

Macka’s is to be promoted overseas in Asia and he needed compelling imagery to help that effort.

To make the project more interesting, his operations are only a few km from Williamtown RAAF. So, we had to work with the Australian Air Force to create a letter of agreement, we worked directly with the RAAF tower for clearances and had a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) issued for the mission.

Lentez is a full service company and we do what is required to create moving and still imagery. We were able to get great material and we edited a few nice videos…



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