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One of the greatest forms of recognition is when the media finds your business to be a good operator and invites you to be represented in their publication of TV program. This section is dedicated to those publications and TV programs…


This 2 page article and magazine cover was a very nice early coverage of Lentez and the work we are doing…

        Blue Mountains Gazette – Review Magazine July/August 2015


        Lentez on Channel Seven 6 o’clock news – 14 Aug 2015

        Lentez was contacted by Channel Seven to do a report on the rising use of drones in the real estate industry. The video above entitled “Drones in Real Estate CH7” was aired on the Channel Seven 6 o’clock news on 14 August 2015. It also includes real estate agent Andrew Scott; a Lentez client. Here are a few screen captures from the Channel Seven news report


              Lentez on Car Advice – October 2015

              Lentez was invited to shoot the extraordinary drag race event between the new Tesla S P85D electric super “Insane Mode” sedan, the Supercharged Walkinshaw Holden and the Super Cheap Auto Super V8 Car. In this set of races the Tesla won all of them. Perhaps with some added strip length, the two V8 cars might have caught up with it? The program series called Car Advice made this a comical and enjoyable video… Car Advice –

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