Epping Tunnel – Construction Case Study

Project details


Lentez was contracted to capture the boring machine that created the Epping Tunnel for the new Sydney rail line in 2015. The project called for the drone to descend around 10 meters into the “box” which would eventually become the station.

There were a few challenges such as two different cranes and some light swirling wind in the box. Working closely with the project manager, we were able to overcome all obstacles and capture the moment just after the boring machine exited from the earth into the box.

As part of the same project we were invited to create imagery of the nearby pre-cast concrete plant that made the tunnel sleeve segments that line the tunnel. The imagery was created two weeks before the project was completed and dismantled.

On the day of the pre-cast concrete session, we were also asked to create imagery of a large gantry machine nearby that creates the elevated concrete surface for the project.


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