Cillanti Retreat Aerial and Ground Imagery – Real Estate/ Commercial Business Case Study


Project details

Cillanti Retreat in Sussex Inlet, NSW is up for purchase. The owner wanted updated photos, aerial photos, video and aerial video.

The video project was two-fold. The first was to create a sales marketing video for the retreat and the second was a video to aid in the sale of the property. The latter being about the entire property including the residence and the private areas as well as the retreat’s four bungalows, Spa, Sauna and BBQ facility and the self contained guest house.

The owner is a master craftsman and he wanted the media workmanship to match his discerning eye. Lentez spent 2 days on the property to ensure we got the footage and the energy of the peaceful location.

Lentez created a new portfolio of images for the entire property and produced the two videos, including developing the voice over script and recorded the voice overs.



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