6 Lighthouse Cr, Emerald Beach – Real Estate Case Study


Project details

6 Lighthouse Cr in Emerald beach is an amasing property located about 6 hours north of Sydney, near the coastal city of Coffs Harbour. One of the special things about Emerald Beach is the large mob of kangaroos that live there and aren’t too concerned about people living there too.

What an amasing place and a spectacular home for sale.

The owner of the property was really excited to work with Lentez to develop the two versions of the sales videos; a long “see-more” version with additional clips and a shorter sales video. The long version has some stunning area video clips including several clips of the cute kanagaroos.

The project was a great success and the homeowner was more than delighted in the final result, as well as having fun working side-by-side with the Lentez pilot.



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